Best Place to Eat and Drinks in Chicago During Travel

There is undoubtedly a lot of stuff that you can do in Chicago due to its versatility and cool environment provided for by Lake Michigan. Even though Chicago is infamous for its calorie-driven, deep dish pizza, there is a sea of other meals and drinks that will fascinate you, especially during your travel. As you visit the numerous tourist destinations in Chicago and other fun things, wining and dining is another experience you will need to savor from the heart of Chicago. Here are some lovely places you can eat and drink during your visit.


Places to eat


1. Gino’s East Pizzeria

When it comes to Chicago’s deep dish done pizza, there are many contenders for the best thick crusted, and calorie monster pie in town. One outlet you will spot providing one of the best is Gino’s East which not only owns a well-made pizza but also has a fascinating structure and design. Its furniture, walls and almost everything else is covered with graffiti making it a wonderful experience to dine there.


2. Beatnik

The Beatnik restaurant is not short of flamboyancy with the giant plants, and a showpiece of artwork with the beautiful chandeliers. The menu does not disappoint either with the signature confit chicken that is accompanied by chorizo Iberico, and grilled Lebanese lamb.


3. Marisol

The Marisol is a newly opened restaurant inside the Museum of Contemporary Art and has since gained popularity within the city. There is a variety of veggie meals to consider like the risotto Verde.


4. Macy’s Seven on State

If you are a fan of Mexican sandwiches-tortas in a fantastic flavorsome serving, as well as the conchinita pibil tacos, this is the place to visit. The posh food court is located on the seventh floor of the Macy’s department store on 111 North State Street. The store plays host to the famous celeb chef Rick Bayless with his legendary and affordable Frontera Fresco.


Where to drink


1. City Winery

For all lovers of wine tasting and those who love to indulge in a little marvel in the wine world, City Winery has no comparison. Here, wine is served straight from the barrel and the wine bottles have a large light sitting and shape making them unique to those you have seen before.


2. La Colombe

What can we do without a cup of coffee? In your travel, you will want so bad to take a cup of coffee, and that is where La Colombe comes in. This workshop version coffee house serves Colombian beans with red honey, maple and mango syrup flavor notes in the most outstanding way.


3. Clarke Street Ale House

It has a beer garden at the back but with a perched bar with 25 beer taps to drain out the drink as you listen to the rock-heavy music from the jukebox.


With the kind of options you have, you will not miss a single moment of eating and drinking the exquisite meal of Chicago City. You can also opt for other options other than those, compare and see what more to explore.