Italian frittata with spinach and mozzarella cheese

Italian frittata with spinach and mozzarella cheese

If you don’t know your way around the kitchen or you do not have time to cook, we got you! This great traditional Italian recipe for a frittata with spinach and mozzarella cheese that’s on our menu for a long time won’t leave you indifferent. It’s really easy to make, but if you are not keen on the kitchen skills, leave it up to the professionals. If you are coming over for a brunch with friends or it’s just you, this dish is a great way to start your day properly, creamy and healthy.


Basic ingredients for a frittata are eggs, full-fat dairy, cheese, vegetables, and salt/pepper. In our restaurant, we serve it straight out of the oven, but it really doesn’t matter if you do, it’s still delicious even if it’s cold. One more good thing about frittata recipes is that they are helping you clean out your fridge. Frittata loves leftovers! It doesn’t matter what it is, spinach, bacon, tomatoes, potatoes, cheese or meat, frittata goes with anything.


Cooking Guide-


Ingredients for a frittata with spinach and mozzarella cheese for 6 to 8 people that we serve in our restaurant:

  1. 450 grams of mixed green vegetables (spinach, broccoli, kale, chard, peppers)
  2. 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  3. 150 grams of diced mozzarella cheese
  4. 110 grams of feta cheese
  5. 100 grams of green onions
  6. 12 eggs
  7. 3 tablespoons full-fat dairy (sour cream or yogurt)
  8. salt and pepper


  • Preheat the oven to 190 degrees.


  • In a large nonstick skillet and over low heat the other tablespoon of olive oil. We recommend using your best ceramic cookware so your dish is prepared in the best way possible. Using good nonstick and ceramic cookware adds to the flavor. Add the green vegetables in the skillet and fry them for one to two minutes over medium heat. After two minutes vegetables are ready to be mixed in with the eggs, remove the skillet from the stove.


  • Cut the mozzarella into tiny cubes, crush the feta and chop the onions finely. If you do not have green onions, you can use any other kind of onion that you prefer. Sprinkle cheese and onions over green vegetables in the skillet.


  • Break the eggs and stir them firmly until smooth. This is important because of combining the eggs smoothly with other ingredients. Pour egg mixture over spinach or some other green vegetable you chose, cheese and onions.


  • Season to taste. Keep in mind that the mozzarella and feta cheese are already salty. For your health, it’s not good to eat much-salted food.


  • Finally, put the prepared dish in the oven and after 40 to 45 minutes of baking enjoy your traditional Italian frittata. Be careful to not overcook the eggs, because then they will be dry and spongy. Serving is best with a tablespoon of sour cream.


This kind of recipe makes us let our imagination run wild. Come into our restaurant and taste all the flavors we diligently cooked for you. We promise, you’ll not regret it.


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